Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Farm Field Trip For the Third Time

The school insists that going to this place is beneficial... but... all we do is march around in the heat. Then dig around in the dirt for about 3 minutes and put a few potatoes in plastic bags... and this time we couldn't find many potatoes so they brought out boxes and the kids just lined up and got some... how lame is that?

Then we ate a picnic lunch, which was actually nice. Then the kids got bored and started saying "we've done this before... it's all the same."

And that's when the person in charge said... "everybody needs to be at the stage area for some singing at 1:00"... that's in 40 minutes. "What do we do in the mean time?" I asked. "Just go for a walk with the kids or something," they said.


Luckily, I'm usually good at making up games on the spot. So I had my kids play "Spider" tag, four corners, regular tag, potato kickball, and potato soccer. I think they had fun. (but if I'd known I needed to plan 40 minutes of activity I could have at least brought a ball... though using a potato instead was interesting.)

Pre-farm warm-up... drawing battle scenes on the white board.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seoul Sup (Seoul Forest)

The entire school went on a field trip a couple days ago. I forgot to post pictures. I decided to use my wide angle lens. It sometimes adds cool curvature and stretching to pictures.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking Nikon for a Ride

I tied my camera to my gas tank and then took pictures while I drove. The angle is too low... so future attempts will be modified, but this is what I've got this time... it was a fun experiment. The last pic is a weird scary clothing advertisement poster.