Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seoul Forest, Sunday Photos

My day...

Coffee shop for a waffle breakfast and some reading and writing. Then I went back to the apartment and looked at my map. "Seoul Forest"... I'd been there before, but I'd never driven there. So I hopped on the motorcycle and started driving. After a somewhat circuitous route, I made it. And I proceeded to walk around and take pictures. Here are a few.

Double Date

Team 1 - they were okay

Team 2 - Awesome

My beautiful date Nabin is on the right

Friday, August 22, 2008

Art project T-shirt

Jake making his crazy face. He didn't like how his shirt turned out. It was supposed to be a tank.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Fountain and a Few brave Koreans

After work, I decided to go and see the Magnum exhibit at the Seoul Arts Center. Magnum is a group of photographers that was founded in 1947. They do a lot of documentary style photography. They were hired in Korea to capture the people, the culture, the country. The exhibit was really cool. I will probably go again. I wish I could have entered some of my photos.

I finished looking at the pictures and decided to take some of my own. So I went to the Arts Center fountain that has a water and light show. While I was taking photos and enjoying the water show, I was approached by some young high school guys. They just wanted to practice their English. They were really nervous, but they did a great job. One of them asked for my number so he could text me and invite me to cool restaurants that his engineering dad knows about. And he explained... "In Korea, a person usually looks at the other person's manners before he would share his number, but I don't have a chance to show you that I'm a good person. So I hope you don't think that is bad."

No problem kid. If I ever have time, and you get the guts to text me, then go for it.

I was all good until the last two... No rolls of astroturf and no geysers of water?

One of these people doesn't belong..