Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Project

I've decided to start a new blog. It's going to be a photo blog much like this one and the plan is to try and post at least 1 picture per day. I'll leave this current blog up, but I won't be adding to it anymore.

Here's the new site...
Photo Fragments


Philippines Tourism said...

the new blog should be good. :)

shansiya said...

this blog is good keep up!

Mark said...

Love your work

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Anonymous said...

That's cool..

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Cecile Boussier said...

Beautiful blog, thank you for sharing!

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Such a waste to give up on this blog. A new blog takes time to get established, before it feels like a home.

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You are a good photographer. its so sad to give up this blog. the new blog will be good i am sure.

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